It’s not just how you see the world with your new eyeglasses, it’s also how the world sees you.

If you’re looking for the perfect frames, our eyewear gallery in Milwaukee has just what you’re looking for.

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Here at Vision Health, we have eyeglass frames in various price ranges. In addition, we have a wide selection of frames from many designers, such as Kate Spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Harley-Davidson. We get new styles every few weeks, so keep checking back!

We get new styles every few weeks, so keep checking back!

Our optical staff has years of experience fitting the perfect eyewear for Milwaukee residents. They can help you find an eyeglass frame that will fit your unique tastes.


Although your frame may look incredible, it is your lenses that enable you to have crisp, clear vision.
We use only the newest technology available for our lenses. They include:

Progressive Lenses

These “no-line bifocals” provide a smooth transition from distance to near vision, and they are the optimum solution for those who lead a busy lifestyle and need to multi-task. There are thousands of different progressive styles; we use digitally surfaced lenses, which ensures that your lenses are fully customized for your eyes.

Anti-Reflective Treatments

Whatever options you choose for your lenses, make sure you choose lenses with an anti-reflective property! The protective layers provide durability and scratch resistance while several microscopic layers of minerals effectively reduce reflections. By eliminating reflections, this treatment makes your eyeglass lenses look nearly invisible so people can see your eyes clearly.

Transitions Lenses

See the world more comfortably both indoors and outdoors with Transitions lenses. These lenses are UV-activated, so they darken outdoors to provide a more comfortable experience without having to change from regular glasses to sunglasses!

Hi-Index Lenses

If you have a higher prescription, we also offer the best ultra-thin lenses that provide excellent optics and great looks to make you comfortable in your new eyewear.

Warranty For Your Eyewear

You will receive our exclusive one-year warranty with the purchase of a complete pair of eyeglasses when you choose any lens add-on (scratch-resistance, Transitions, hi-index, anti-reflective). We will ensure that you have the best experience with your eyewear. For a more detailed description of our warranty policy, please read below.


All frames purchased from us have a one-year warranty from the manufacturer (unless stated otherwise). If your frame becomes defective, do not use super glue or other adhesives to alter the frame. This voids the warranty! We also must receive all of the pieces in order to process a warranty replacement.


Deep scratches (i.e. dog bites) may void the warranty.

If you are unsure if your lenses or frames can be covered under warranty, please bring them in for us to view.

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