Contact Lenses

Greater Comfort

Greater Clarity

Greater Confidence

Today, nearly everyone who desires to wear contact lenses can do it. With new technologies available, more people than ever are able to take advantage of the comfort, freedom, and affordability of contact lenses.

Maybe you’ve tried contacts before, but were unable to wear them successfully. If you would like to try again, we’ll spend the time necessary to ensure that you can wear your contact lenses with comfort, clarity, and confidence.

Emerging Contact Lens Technologies

The Ultimate in Comfort and Convenience

Single Use Contact Lenses

Otherwise known as “Daily Lenses”

These lenses are ideal for new contact wearers, teens, athletes, part-time wearers, dry eye sufferers, and nearly everyone looking for great comfort and ease of use.

Have astigmatism? We can help.

Toric Contact Lenses

Astigmatism is no longer a barrier to comfortable clear vision. Experience newfound clarity with toric contact lens designs now available for the correction of all types of astigmatism.

Throw away those readers!

Multifocal or Bifocal contacts let you enjoy reading again without glasses.

Multifocal contact lens designs are now available to meet the needs of people who require a reading prescription and still want to maintain excellent distance vision.

Special Designs for Contact Lenses

When it comes to contact lens patients who have special needs we work with specialty contact lens manufacturers that produce innovative designs.

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